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Beer bars, the kind where they play country music, are symptomatic of the conservative mindset's depression and despair at the state of the world, while every "nightclub" of the sophisticated set I've ever been in simply screamed the mania of the liberal side of the world trying to stay jacked up enough to ignore what they know about reality. Oh, well. Suppose this explains why I like coffee shops and libraries.

I'm rapidly coming to believe that Atheism is the original and ultimate form of Xenophobia.

What the lovers know, and the movies and magazines hope you never learn: good sex is more between your ears than their legs.

Have you ever noticed those who hold their nose the highest in the air are usually trying to hide the zit on top of it?

Consider that if there be truth to the diet nazi's claim that you become what you eat then the conundrum of the male feminist is neatly explained.

There is a substantial difference between being free, and being in control of the tyranny wherein one is incarcerated.

Isn't it a funny thing, how the children of the gay all speak Spanish.

Never loan a lesbian your caulking gun... once she figures out what it's good for she'll never give it back.

It takes a very large herd to get anything done when public education has converted the entire society into politically correct one trick ponies.

There is no fortress harder to assault than a nuerosis defended by a knowledge of psychology.

If I meet someone and among the first things they reveal about themselves is their religion? If they make it a point to lead off by saying they're a Christian? My first thought is always to wonder what secret sin has such command of their life they feel compelled to give everyone they meet fair warning in advance.

As a consequence of the law of averages it is a given that the higher your level of art the smaller a viable audience you have, the bell curve of human intelligence and sensitivity sets the numbers. And what's worse is the fewer who can understand your art the more viciously and vociferously the critics representing the average will attack at any and every opportunity.

The handle on your spoon should always be at least as long as the chord tangent from the bottom of your bowl to the rim, rough numbers some three quarters of the diameter... otherwise? You get to fish your spoon out of the bottom of your soup, which just doesn't do the soup or your fingers any good at all.

One of the cruelest things you can do is do someone's homework for them. You've just robbed them of something they're going to need from now on. You see someone doing a child's homework for them? Report them to child welfare, because that is child abuse, pure and simple.

One of the thoughts the world really, really needs to wrap its' head around is some way to put an end to the lie that sexy ends when children begin... I'd say a good fourth of our society's problems have that lie deeply imbedded in their foundation.

One of the most powerful weapons anyone can own is an understanding of what motivates his enemy, and what price his enemy pays from the other elements of his life to maintain that motivation. It is possible to overdrive them to the point they self destruct.

So many think they want to fit in, be part of the whole... many never do feel that, and for them that's a sadness. But what is sadder is those who do fit in, and then years later realize what they fit themselves to is a set of chains that make true freedom of self impossible. The lonely can find friends, companionship among the other outcasts. The chained must find a hacksaw.

Be careful of the word freedom. It is a noble word, a noble thought, and yet still a dangerous thought in ways very few ever realize. The word freedom should never be allowed to stand alone, it should always be keeping company with the question "freedom from what?" To many will say freedom and mean freedom from responsibility and become parasitic thinking they are free when in reality they are enslaved to whatever or whoever serves as their host. Others will say freedom, and mean freedom from the emotional burden of caring, with the end result being they become callous and a lean bit to the cruel side, they are free of the very thing needed to avoid hurting others without intent. It happens all the time, look around at the people in your world, it won't take you half an hour to see examples. Freedom is a noble thought, but it needs understanding to keep it from setting a life free to starve in abject loneliness, if not some worse fate.

You save water by showering with a friend, but you save energy by turning down the cold, not turning up the hot.

The order things happen can make quite a difference. For example, if you think first of the things you can't do instead of thinking first of the things you can do? You'll end up poisoning your own life with despair.

Since the appetites of humanity are reasonably consistent the best way to estimate the degree of hypocrisy in a strange town is to observe the ratio of churches to pubs to meat-market singles bars. If it ain't going on in one place it is most likely going on in the other.

At the end of the day poetry is still just the most elegant of speach impediments... it's the thought that counts, as always.

Social momentum: what happens when the liberals can't believe there can be a solution for a problem the conservatives can't believe exists.

I'm afraid that in the end ART is simply the illusion of purpose painted over that which is simply... pretty.

The first casualty of war is always innocence.

It's easier to convince a liberal you have to be able to pay for it than it is to convince a conservative you have to be willing to imagine it.

Understand, "ANGEL" is a career choice, not another species.

It is said we should learn to laugh at ourselves, lest we come to take ourselves to seriously. Possibly true, but if so then one should never laugh more than once or twice at the same event... more than that becomes self abuse.

A small, but potent, tidbit of a thought: those who think they know? They are the ones who never learn anything more.

How dumb is it, to ask for an apology from someone you won't believe anyway?

It is a fact that one cannot forgive what one cannot admit to themselves, and it is widely held as true that what one can't forgive one must take with them when they leave mortality for the eternal.

I don’t think it was a Tuesday.  Might have been a Thursday.  In any case it was early in the summer of 1968 and early in the afternoon and I was hanging out at a friends house.  His mom was headed downtown, and knowing we were headed in that general direction later yelled at us going out the door “you boys want a ride?”  Of course we said yes knowing full well we’d bail out and hike back, but hey, anything to cut the miles on the feet.  We put a lot of miles on our feet that summer.

Now Mrs. Baggins (not her real name, of course) was a rather conservative woman, she had to be really, she was married to a most prominent man in the community, prominent in his church as well, and Mrs. Baggins full embraced the conservative culture his position demanded.  Of course back then I really had no idea there was any other culture, being as how my mom was of the same sort, a rabid John Bircher who didn’t allow much by way of any external culture into the home.  It was her way or the highway if you get the drift, to her Democrats were without a doubt servants of Satan.  Yea, one of those.

Anyway, half way to where we were going to bail Mrs. Baggins copped an attitude, and I mean big time.  She turned to us and with a tone of voice I’d later learn means distilled malice said “Let’s go laugh at the hippies.”  

She cut away from the main road to take us down the little lane that runs along the edge of the beach in Oceanside.  It’s a slow little road, pedestrian choked, think the speed limit was all of fifteen miles an hour.  So instead of a quick ride to within a few blocks of our destination my buddy and I were subjected to her ogling, and utterly mocking, the young folk on the beach for a lot longer than we wanted to listen.  Oh dear lord, the expression on her face to see the California girls in their really very modest (by today’s standards) bikini swimsuits.  Didn’t know what to think about what she was radiating about the boys (being all of 12 and innocent having absolutely no idea what a case of the hypocritical hornies look like), but it was distinctly uncomfortable and riding plenty of wattage to jump the Pacific and be heard in Tokyo.  We were within a couple of blocks of where she’d have cut back for the main road when the traffic got snarled, bringing us to a complete and total standstill for almost five minutes. Those five minutes changed my life.

The little lane was, probably still is, lined with cottages facing the beach, and we stopped directly in front of one where two handsome young bucks were sunbathing in front of their quarters.  They were definitely gentlemen of leisure that afternoon, kicked back with a beer and watching the pretty girls put on a show on the sand.  They even had music to go with the show, they’d put rather large speakers in both front windows of the tiny cottage.  Good speakers they were, sitting on the road I could hear the music quite clearly, it was very good fidelity for the day.

Anyhow, that was the first time I ever heard the Moody Blues, they were listening to “The Afternoon, Forever Afternoon” they were, an utterly enchanting music.  Of course Mrs. Baggins all but hit the roof, fuming and sputtering and all but slobbering on herself in utter outrage that, that hippies  could have a music so delightful.  She dialed on her contempt to combat max, my buddy quailed, retreated, withdrew.  But she was his mom, not mine, I had a little more maneuvering room.  I remember looking at her turning red with outrage, looking at them smiling and waving, looking at her puffing up like an adder turning her nose up in the air, looking past her at the pretty people on the beach, and then looking away from her with a very major decision made.  I didn’t put it in these words, I really didn’t know these words back then, but the sentiment was instant, absolute and final, translated into the modern it would read “fuck her with the horse she rode up on, I’d rather be there, with them where there’s at least some beauty in life than with some frigid hate filled bitch like her.”   

That was the moment I quit being a conservative and started down the path to where I am now.  Odd, but yea.  I never went back, never really looked back.  

The moral of the story?  Beware letting your bigotries go naked in public because you never know when they might become the point of negative comparison that will turn someone in the exact opposite direction.  So yea Mrs. Baggins, thanks for taking me to laugh at the hippies. Sorry (not) that it backfired on you so big.



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